What is ProVacation all about

ProVacation brings you the very best in Asia. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, ProVacation offers exclusive getaways to over a dozen destinations in south and southeast Asia. Our forte lies in organising special-interest tours for the discerning traveller. While palm trees and white sand beaches sum up typical Asian getaways in most travel catalogues, we take you to the roads less travelled for some of the most exotic adventures across this spectacular continent. Fancy a temple discovery trail through a dense Cambodian forest à la Indiana Jones? Discover fascinating stories of migration of the Khor and other ethnic tribes who travelled from China over 500 years ago and now live in the hinterlands of Laos. Visit the iconic Bridge on the River Kwai and learn of the macabre history of its construction. How about bathing in the river with elephants at a camp for rescued jumbos in Thailand? Join us and become a ProVacationer.

ProVacation was built on the foundation of 4 pillars that form our core ethos. 

• We are committed to the ethos of healthy and active living for all ages. A vacation is the perfect time to get in sync with our bodies and inner selves, in ways that broaden our horizons. 
• We believe in living life on the wild side. Our planet is a treasure we take for granted too often while dealing with the quotidian and we want to offer opportunities to dig your toes into the earth and smell the salty breeze.
• ProVacation promotes responsible tourism for the holistic growth of the region. We follow a strictly ‘Buy Local’ policy across the geographies in which we operate. Promoting sustainability is key to being good guests.
• At ProVacation, we care about community. This extends to the bonds created with and among fellow travellers. We believe in sticking together as a team and being mindful of everyone in the group. The most memorable experiences are the ones we get to share with others. 

Choose from our wide range of soft adventure tours for an active holiday.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? No worries. Just get in touch and we’ll help you find more of real Asia that you want to explore.