Adventure Awaits Amidst Nature and Heritage 

The city-state of Singapore maybe diminutive in geographical area but it is a global financial, technological and cultural powerhouse.One of the reasons Singapore is such a popular tourist destination is that it offers something for everyone. Tired of the usual crowded haunts buzzing with camera-wielding-visitors? Singapore has a host of experiences for the discerning traveller. Mingle with Asia’s elite at the Singapore Turf Club or go in for a more adrenaline-fuelled time with the locals at the public grandstand next to the racecourse. Row through the peaceful waterways of the Mandai Mangroves in a kayak. Bike through the sleepy fishing hamlet of PulauUbin for a glimpse into Singapore’s pre-colonial past. Hike the Southern Ridges Trail and admire the elegant Henderson Waves Bridge. Get acquainted with Chinese mythology through the unusual museum of Haw Par Villa. Sharpen your other senses with a ‘dining in the dark’ experience. There’s a new facet of Singapore to be discovered every time you visit!

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The Ultimate Holiday Destination in South East Asia

Singapore is an immensely popular holiday destination from people all over the world. We (ProVacation) have earned the reputation of offering exciting trips to experience the best of Singapore. This beautiful island in the Malayan Archipelago is rich in its natural resources, as well as its ethnic and cultural diversity. ProVacation is among the best heritage tour operators and has designed tours for you that at once highlight Singapore’s cultural heritage, and take you on a fascinating journey to explore Singapore’s nature reserves. Indeed, any time is the best time for these nature and heritage tours in Singapore as each month and season brings with it new colours and fresh occasions of celebration.

The Unmatched Natural Beauty of Singapore

Singapore’s nature reserves and well-preserved landscapes are truly admirable. Book a specially designed nature trip with ProVacation to experience the natural beauty of Singapore in all its glory. The best of Singapore are the abundant flora and fauna in its zoos, themed wildlife parks, botanical gardens and other protected areas. Enjoy travelling through the preserved forests and aquariums preserving giant creatures from the sea. Admire the beautiful urban gardens developed on reclaimed wasteland. Like other islands in the Malayan archipelago, Singapore, too, is blessed with extraordinarily rich biodiversity. You are bound to appreciate the various ingenious ways in which Singapore’s nature reserves are being protected.

Singapore’s Cultural Heritage

You have not experienced the best of Singapore unless you have learned about Singapore’s cultural heritage and its fascinating history. The country is on the list of all heritage tour operators as Singapore’s cultural heritage is complex, diverse, and well preserved and protected, much like Singapore’s nature reserves. Singapore has a long history of colonialism, and thus you will see the country replete with relics from the British imperial era. ProVacation offers you tours that will provide valuable insight into Singapore’s colonial legacy as reflected in the architecture, the diverse cultures thriving side-by-side, and the distinct cuisines of different ethnic communities. Visit the myriad heritage buildings, the memorial sites from World War II, and the various cultural enclaves that will provide a fascinating insight into Singapore’s cultural heritage, its eventful past, and colourful present. The country has a myriad different facets waiting to be unravelled. Sign up with ProVacation for the best nature and heritage tours and delve into the vastly enriching experience of beautiful Singapore

Heritage Walks

Singapore owes its present-day cosmopolitanism to generations of migrant workers and expatriates who have built its economy, infrastructure and cultural landscape. Singapore’s transformation from a cluster of idyllic villages to a British trading post of significance to the present-day economic and technological world-leader is recorded in the very fabric of the city. Take any of the numerous heritage walks around Singapore, following a specific thread of its history. Visit the Saint Andrew’s Cathedral, Armenian Church and National Gallery for a taste of Singapore’s colonial past. Explore Singapore’s Indian connection in Little India with a visit to the Veeramakaliamman Temple, saree shops and a delightful Indian restaurant. How did the Chinese become Singapore’s largest ethnic group? Study the path of early Chinese immigrants at the Chinatown Heritage Centre. Visit Thian Hock Keng (the oldest Hokkien-Chinese temple in Singapore), shops specialising in traditional medicine and the fascinating stores of Ann Siang Hill. Pay your respects at Changi Chapel and Kranji War Cemetery, commemorating the fallen soldiers of World War II and the Japanese Occupation of Singapore. Visit the former Malay Palace and peep into Singapore’s short-lived phase as a part of the Johor Sultanate.

Treasure Islands

Singapore is a part of the Malay Archipelago and consists of over 60 small islets, including the main island of PulauUjong. The surrounding islands offer a treasure trove of intriguing walks,pristine beaches, experiences with the local communities and fun for the whole family at some of the world’s finest theme parks. While the charms of Sentosa Island (including Universal Studios) and Jurong Island (with its fantastic Bird Park) are often extolled, Singapore has several other islands worth exploring. Laze on the virgin beaches of Lazarus Island, away from the crowded Sentosa. Fine white sand, clear aquamarine waters and peaceful solitude will make you rethink your perception of Singapore. Go snorkelling off the islands of PulauTekukor and St. John’s, amid gorgeous coral reefs. Check out some impressive diving spots off PulauHantu and swim among flocks of sea creatures and even a shipwreck from World War II! Bicycle around the last kampongs (traditional villages) of Singapore on PulauUbin and visit the TortoiseSanctuary on Kusu Island. Immerse yourself in a tropical paradise far from the bustle of the main city.

World Class Cuisine

Singapore’s cuisine is as diverse as the peoples who live and work here. One of the most exciting things about a gastronomic journey into Singapore is the sheer variety available, not just in terms of different cultural experiences, palates and ingredients, but also with regard to dining establishments. Singaporean cuisine draws influence from Malayan, Chinese, Indian, Peranakan, Javan and various European traditions. As a visitor, you have the option of glitzy fine dining establishments as well as a mind-boggling array of hawker centre and food court stalls, cafes, coffee shops and speciality food shops. Singapore’s street food is so iconic that it has Michelin-starred stalls selling chicken rice, noodles and dumplings.Feast on curry puffs, nasi goreng(steamed rice stir-fried with vegetables and meat), vadai(a deep-fried snack made of lentils or potatoes), har cheong gai (batter-fried chicken wings) and innumerable other local favourites from these stalls. Enjoy a fine dining experience like no other, hundreds of feet above the South China Sea, onboard a cable car. In the mood for a hunt? Make a reservation at a ‘nomadic’ pop-up restaurant that will require you to decode clues to arrive at its location. Spend an afternoon learning how to make crab chilli in a local kitchen and visit some of Singapore’s most happening clubs, in the evening. Singapore offers a dazzling feast for all your senses!

A Perfect Harmony

To combat the destruction of natural heritage through rapid urbanisation, Singapore has committed itself to the preservation of its remaining wildlife and protecting its nature reserves. To this end, Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site was its 150-year-old Botanic Gardens, one of 3 gardens and the only tropical garden to receive this status. Lose yourself in the lush, colourful paths of the National Orchid Garden and the Ginger Garden next door. The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, the Gardens by the Bay and the SungeiBuloh Wetland Reserve are small but significant sites in ensuring a greener future for Singapore. Side-by-side, one may visit the glittering urban monuments of Marina Bay, Clarke Quay, Orchard Road and take in a panoramic view of the city atop the Singapore Flyer, one of the world’s largest observation wheels. Singapore is a case study in designing sustainable cities that offer the best of urban infrastructure and experiences without compromising on creating a green and breathable environment for its residents and visitors.