Singapore is a favourite holiday destination for people across the globe, and rightly so. This beautiful island in the Malayan archipelago is rich in natural beauty and cultural diversity. Book the Classic Singapore Tour with ProVacation to explore all the different facets of the country. You will learn more about Singapore’s colonial legacy as reflected in the architecture, the diverse cultures thriving side-by-side, and the distinct cuisines of different ethnic communities. You will also observe Singapore’s varied and abundant flora and fauna at its various nature reserves, protected areas, and themed wildlife parks. You will encounter the historical site where the British traders first disembarked to transform the fate of the country. Visit the myriad heritage buildings, the memorial sites from World War II, and the different cultural enclaves that will provide a fascinating insight into Singapore’s eventful past, and colourful present. Acquaint yourself with the country’s natural wealth as you visit the Singapore Zoo, the Jurong Bird Park, the Night Safari, and other protected areas. The Classic Singapore Tour offers a slice of everything – experience Singapore as you have never before. 

Best Time to Visit: All the Year Round
7 Nights 8 Days Available on request
What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • All domestic transport
  • Meals as specified in the itinerary
  • All local permits and tickets
  • English-speaking guides 

What is NOT included in the tour

  • International airfare
  • Extra meals (not specified in the itinerary)
  • Services not stated in the itinerary
  • Personal expenditure 
What makes this tour special
  • Stroll around the Gardens by the Bay
  • Visit several heritage buildings and sites on the Colonial District Walk
  • Learn more about different cultures at the cultural enclaves
  • Visit Jurong Bird Park and the world’s first nocturnal zoo
  • Enjoy several attractions at Sentosa Island  
Day 1 (City tour with Gardens by the Bay) (-, L, D)
  • As you arrive at the airport, a vehicle will be waiting to pick you up and take you to your hotel. Check-in, enjoy lunch and relax for a while before you set out to explore the beautiful city. Singapore is a cultural centre with a vibrant blend of the old and the new worlds. Your Classic Singapore Tour begins with a tour around the city. You will encounter the harmonious co-existence of the best of the East and the West as you pass by the Colonial District.
  • Visit the iconic Merlion near the One Fullerton Hotel. The figure is the depiction of a mythical creature with the body of a fish and the head of a lion. The 8.6 meters tall statue spouting water out of its mouth is a visual delight. You will also tour the various pockets in the city that represent other cultures. Little India and the Chinatown are vibrant localities that will give you an authentic taste of the diverse cultures of Singapore.
  • Have lunch at a local restaurant, and afterwards visit the Gardens by the Bay, a nature park with three beautiful waterfront gardens created by the Singapore Government to achieve its ‘City in a Garden’ vision. Take a stroll through the Supertree Grove and admire the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, the two conservatories of the Gardens by the Bay.
  • Spend the evening in any way you like. Either choose from a range of services (like swimming) that your hotel offers or stroll around the neighbourhood for further acquaintance with the city. Call it a day after enjoying an early dinner.
Day 2 (Colonial District Walk, Raffles’ Landing Site, Heritage Buildings) (B, L, D)
  • Learn more about the colonial history of Singapore as you start the day visiting all the imperial landmarks in the city. The tour begins with a Colonial District Walk, where you will gain insight into the country’s history and culture. Learn about Singapore's national flower, a hybrid orchid named Vanda Miss Joaquim, the Sarkies Brothers who famously founded the Raffles Hotel, the history of the national daily The Straits Times, and the country’s famous drink 'the Singapore Sling,' developed around 1915 in the Raffles Hotel.
  • The ‘The Time of Empire’ Colonial District Walk will take you to several historic buildings. The St Andrew's Cathedral is the largest in the country. This Anglican Church was built in the mid-nineteenth century. Walk through Coleman Street, and visit Chijmes, a nineteenth-century Catholic Convent (now declared as a heritage building). Admire the elegant architecture of the Armenian Church, the oldest Christian Church in Singapore. Enjoy the majestic sight of the Old Supreme Court Building that has now been converted into the National Art Gallery of Singapore.
  • After lunch, visit the historical Raffles’ Landing Site on the North Bank of the Singapore River. This site is considered to be the place where Sir Stamford Raffles first landed on the island in 1819. He would eventually found a Malay settlement for the Sultan of Johore, and sign a treaty with the Sultan to establish a trading port at Singapore. This port would lead to Singapore’s economic flourish as it would grow in importance as a thriving financial centre. You will see beautiful neo-Palladian buildings by the riverbank.
  • The next stop is the Fullerton Hotel. The building was constructed in 1928 and used to house the General Post Office, The Exchange Room and Exchange Reference Library, and the Singapore Club. Visit the Fullerton Heritage Gallery to know more about the history of the building. End your tour for the day with a luxurious afternoon tea at the Fullerton Hotel.
Day 3 (Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari) (B, L, D)
  • A Classic Singapore Tour must entail a visit to Asia’s largest bird park. The Jurong Bird Park is by the Wildlife Reserves Singapore. It is home to a population of more than 5000 birds of nearly 400 different species. Visit the adorable Lories at the Lory Loft, where you can also feed them. Visit the African Waterfall Aviary by a tram. Visit the Penguin Coast, home to five different species of penguins. You will also be delighted by the High Flyer Show at the Pools Amphitheatre, a show with the world’s highest number of birds performing in a single act. The Kings of the Skies show features predatory birds like hawks, falcons, and eagles. Learn more about the aviaries and the exhibits that are specially designed to be similar to the birds’ natural habitats. A visit to the Jurong Bird Park is truly a unique experience.
  • After lunch at your hotel, you can spend the afternoon relaxing in your room, or taking a walk around the neighbourhood, before you set off on a unique night-time adventure. Set in 40 hectares of land, the Night Safari is the world’s first nocturnal zoo. It has around 2500 animals from over 130 species, many of which are threatened species. Take a tour of the fascinating wildlife park in a comfortable open-air tram. The ride will take you through seven different geographical terrains ranging from the foothills of Himalaya to the verdant fields of Equatorial Africa. You will see a variety of animals, fierce as well as timid, under an artificial ‘moonlight’.  The walking trail will allow you to observe some of the animals more closely. If time and the weather are favourable, you may also enjoy the Thumbuakar Act or the Creatures of the Night Show. You can choose from an array of eateries in the premises – including the ‘Evening in the Wild’, a Tepee Tent eatery – if you are feeling particularly adventurous!
Day 4 (Tiong Bahru, Chinatown at Night, River Cruise) (B, L, D)
  • Your first stop for the day is the Pinnacles @ Duxton Public Housing Project. Enjoy a breath-taking bird’s eye view of the city from the sky bridge at the fiftieth storey. The visit to Tiong Bahru after this experience will be all the more fascinating as you will feel the sharp contrast between the old and the new. Built in the 1920s, the Tiong Bahru is the oldest housing estate in Singapore. Explore this old neighbourhood and the famous Tiong Bahru market to sample some delicious local cuisine at the stalls.
  • The next stop is the Qi Tian Gong Temple. This ninety-year-old temple of the Monkey God is one of the oldest temples in the country. Stop at an old bakery run by a family through four generations and learn about their craft as you buy some of their delicious ware. Finally, enjoy a delightful lunch at the Nostalgia Hotel that reflects Singapore’s colonial past.
  • Spend your evening exploring the vibrant Chinatown of Singapore. The area is teeming with shops and diners and provides a fascinating nightlife. You will find it hard to resist buying the beautiful souvenirs lined in the street shops at the Night Market. Observe and learn the art of Chinese Calligraphy by visiting a calligrapher at work. Enjoy a delicious dinner of authentic local cuisine at one of the eateries in the neighbourhood. Afterwards, take a ‘trishaw’ ride through the alleyways and reach the Clarke Quay, where a bumboat will be waiting to welcome you on board. Cruise along the Singapore River and marvel at the beautifully illuminated city skyline.
Day 5 (Singapore Zoo, Botanic Garden, Haw Par Villa) (B, L, D)
  • Continue your Classic Singapore Tour with a refreshing visit to the Singapore Zoo. Located in the forests of the Central Catchment area, the Singapore Zoo is one of the vibrant protected areas alongside the Jurong Bird Park, the Night Safari and the River Safari in the neighbourhood. Set out early in the morning for a rare dining experience with the inhabitants of the Singapore Zoo! Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife is a unique opportunity where you will enjoy a luxurious breakfast spread along with your favourite animals, and take pictures with them. Explore the zoo either by a tram or on foot to witness constructs of several unique wildlife habitats like the West African savannah and the Great Rift Valley canyons. From Orangutans to White Tigers and Green Iguanas, the Singapore Zoo is home to fascinating animals from all parts of the world, and interacting with them will be an unforgettable experience!
  • The next place is an essential stop on your Classic Singapore Tour. Singapore Botanic Garden has been around for the last century and a half and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Your walking tour starts from the ‘old’ main gate that was constructed in 1859. Admire the trails of ancient trees as you walk through the nineteenth-century streets meant for horse-drawn carriages. You will encounter a vast array of plants like Brazilian Robber, Yellow Saraca, Malayan Banyan, Burmese Banyan and African Sausage. Visit the Marsh Garden and the Swan Lake along the way, and stop at the Ginger Garden for refreshments.
  • The next stop is the fascinating National Orchid Garden. It holds an enormous array of hybrid orchids. The Cool House with its tropical montane species is a treat for orchid-enthusiasts; the open Orchidarium houses several local species. If interested, you can also enjoy a walk through a Primary Rainforest, or across Palm Valley.
  • In the evening, visit the theme park Haw Par Villa, considered to be a significant part of Singapore’s cultural heritage. Formerly known as the Tiger Balm Garden, this eighty-year-old theme park was built by Aw Boon Haw of the Aw family, who also developed the widely popular ointment Tiger Balm. The Villa is adorned with statues and dioramas that depict scenes from Chinese mythologies. Enter the ‘Hell Museum’ that depict scenes of afterlife across different religious faiths. The Ten Courts of Hell are particularly sinister with their grisly depictions of suffering in Hell as described in Chinese mythology. You will thoroughly enjoy this theme park if you have an appetite for the macabre! However, if horror is not your genre, you can choose to explore several other attractions that will provide you with a fascinating glimpse into Chinese and Buddhist mythology.
Day 6 (Sentosa Island Tour, Night at Marina Bay) (B, L, D)
  • Any Classic Singapore Tour is incomplete without a visit to Singapore’s famous Sentosa Island - in a cable car! You will enjoy a stunning view of the Singapore skyline as you travel to the Sentosa Island. The Tiger Sky Tower is Asia’s tallest free-standing observational tower rotating at 50 meters height that will provide you stunning panoramic views of the Southern Islands. Witness a stunning riot of colours at the Butterfly Park and the Insect Kingdom. Enjoy an immersive 4D movie at the Sentosa 4D Adventureland.
  • Visit the S.E.A. Aquarium, one of the largest aquariums in the world to meet enchanting creatures from the oceans. The S.E.A. Aquarium is home to more than 100,000 marine organisms from over 800 different species and 49 distinct habitats. Marvel at the majestic forms of hammerhead sharks, and other giant sea-creatures. You can enjoy your lunch at any of the luxury hotels located on the Sentosa Island.
  • In the evening, take a leisurely walk around the Gardens by the Bay, and enjoy the majestic view of the 35-meter high indoor cascade at the Cloud Forest conservatory. Admire a synchronised light and music show at the Supertree Grove, and the beautiful skyline of the city from the top of Marina Bay Sand’s Skypark. Finally, enjoy a delicious dinner of satays with ketupat on Singapore’s single satay street at Lau Pa Sat Festival Market.
Day 7 (River Safari, Heritage Food Trail) (B, L, D)
  • Singapore has many unique protected areas and biodiversity reserves of boast of. Besides the Jurong Bird Park, the River Safari, Asia’s only riverine wildlife park is a must-visit on your Classic Singapore Tour. The River Safari includes more than 6,000 aquatic and terrestrial creatures, at least 40 of which are threatened. It is home to animals from Mississippi, Congo, Nile, Ganges, Mekong, and Yangtze River Ecosystems, and is one of the world’s largest repositories of this kind. Go for a relaxed walk along aquariums including the Amazon Flooded Forest. Do not miss the pleasure of the acquaintance of Kai and Jia, the Giant Pandas in the Giant Panda Forest! You will also enjoy a brief boat ride before you head for your next adventure.
  • Make today’s lunch a unique experience by going on a culinary journey through Singapore. You will taste the flavours from Chinese, Malay, Indian and Peranakan cuisine that represent Singapore’s cultural diversity. Visit the Geylang Serai market, famous for its Indian and Malay food stalls. Observe the fresh produce sold at the wet market, and enjoy a variety of dishes like Roti Prata and Thosai at the food centre. Go on to explore the Joo Chiat/Katong enclave, once home to the Peranakan and Eurasian communities and taste some of the famous delicacies like Laksa and Ondeh-ondeh. 
  • You can spend the rest of the day as you like. You can visit any of the local markets for some essential shopping, explore the city further by walking around, or relax at the hotel.
Day 8 (World War II Sites, Cultural Enclaves, Departure) (B, L, -)
  • Begin the final day of your Classic Singapore Tour with a visit to the World War II sites of Singapore that bear witnesses to one of the darkest periods of the country’s past. Listen to the guide’s account of some of the stories during the War. Visit the Ford Motor Factory, a historical site where the British forces officially ceded Malaya to the Japanese. A three-year-long period of Japanese occupation followed that caused immense suffering to the people of Singapore. Visit the Kranji War Memorial at Woodlands Road, built to honour around twenty thousand people from the Commonwealth nations who lost their lives protecting Singapore and Malaya against Japanese forces during World War II. You will gain further insight into Singapore’s struggle against the Japanese at the Chang Museum.
  • The visit to the various cultural enclaves will provide you with fascinating insights into the different cultural and ethnic groups that have made Singapore their home. Each of these groups has contributed to the growth of the distinct character of the country. Begin your journey from Kampong Glam, formerly home to the Malay aristocracy. Enjoy the vibrant neighbourhood teeming with traditional markets that cater to the needs of the Malay community. Here you will encounter the old Royal Palace of Sultan Hussein Shah of Johor, the Sultan Mosque, and the graves of the Malayan royalty. You will find the streets lined with enchanting shops of handicraft, fabric, trinkets, and a variety of other goods, ideal for souvenir-shopping.
  • Continue to the bustling Chinatown that reflects the history of Chinese settlement and their cultural influence on the country. The Five Foot Way crammed with all kinds of shops in a must-visit. You can buy a pair of traditional clogs, or taste delicious Chinese dishes like hot buns, sticky cakes and traditional sweets. Do not forget to enjoy a fragrant cup of Chinese tea! Watch your step as you move on to the wet market – a chaotic yet fascinating place where you will come across an astonishing range of products. Learn about Chinese traditional medicines by interacting with some of the local vendors. Explore Peranakan Place, a storehouse of the history and culture of the Peranakans – a unique community of Straits-born Chinese people who share a mixed heritage of Malay and Chinese cultures. You will walk through the residential district that is also busy with many bars, restaurants, and shops. Visit the museum where you will gain further insight into the Peranakan culture. Admire the beautiful architecture of the buildings as you pass through the many enclaves in the region. Do not miss the delicious sweet rice dumplings at Kim Choo Kueh Chang restaurant. You can also try some Nonya dishes; a hybrid style developed from Malay and Chinese cooking.
  • Finally, visit Little India – a tiny pocket in the city that preserves the culture and cuisine of the Indian community. Walk through the streets lined with shops selling saris, flower garlands and spices, and take in all the vibrant colours and aroma that pervade the district. Admire the Dravidian architecture of the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple dedicated to Goddess Kali.
  • After lunch, head back to your hotel, where a car will be waiting to drop you to the airport. As you get ready for departure, think of all the lovely memories you have made in the past week. Singapore is sure to make a lasting impression on your mind. Fondly reminisce the landscapes, the buildings, the bustling streets, and the delectable dishes that you have enjoyed in this beautiful country as you head back home.