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Explore Sea, Caves and Pinnacles - Tour
  • Kuching Airport
  • 6 Nights 7 Days

Explore Sea, Caves and Pinnacles

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A tour that takes you from the depths of the seas to the mountain peaks. We start in Kuching and move to the pristine rainforest of Permai. The resort itself has 3 species of monkeys and the area is rich in both flora and fauna to explore. A night walk offers an unforgettable new perspective. We go out into the sea on a kayaking expedition along the coast of the Santubong Peninsula to reach the small remote beach of Teluk Pasir. Camp the night at the beach, start a fire, listen to the birds and enjoy a refreshing sunrise. The return trip is through jungle trekking in the pristine primary rainforest. We go on a mangrove sunset cruise in the forest of Kuching Wetlands National Park. This is where we keep an eye open for the elusive proboscis monkeys & the estuarine crocodile. Watch the spectacular show of fireflies that light up the mangrove trees like Christmas trees. We now shift to the deep dark caves of Mulu, a UNESCO world heritage site holding many records in terms of cave height, width, and length. Understand how they were formed and explore its beauty. We visit Deer Cave, with the largest cave passage in the world, before watching millions of bats exit to hunt at dusk. We also visit a local village by boat before stopping at Wind Cave, the King’s Chamber, and the peaceful Clearwater Cave and Spring. It is time to start our trek up the steep Mt. Api. The view from the top is spectacular, as are the rock formations standing like knives against the hardy mountain trees. These are the Pinnacles. A tour that introduces you to everything Borneo.