A Tropical Wonderland

Malaysia is classified as one of the world’s few ‘megadiverse’ countries with its impressive diversity in flora and fauna. Most of the land is covered in lowland rainforests, mangrove forests, peat forests and heath forests. Thus, Malaysia holds some of the world’s most exotic and rare species, that are often endemic to the region. See the largest flowering plant in the world, of the genus Rafflesia, as well as unique carnivorous plants such as the pitcher plant, sundew and bladderwort. These varied forests are also home to a wonderful variety of animals like the clouded leopard, the Malayan tiger, the Bornean orangutan, the proboscis monkey, the Kinabalu ferret badger, the Malayan whistling thrush, the estuarine crocodile and the Asian elephant. Trips around Taman Negara National Park, Kinabalu Park and Bako National Park can keep you busy for days amid the lush greenery and magnificent wildlife.

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Explore Sea, Caves and Pinnacles - Tour
  • Kuching Airport
  • 6 Nights 7 Days

Explore Sea, Caves and Pinnacles

£ 1

A tour that takes you from the depths of the seas to the mountain peaks. We start in Kuching and move to the pristine rainforest of Permai. The resort itself has 3 species of monkeys and the area is rich in both flora and fauna to explore. A night walk offers an unforgettable new perspective. We go out into the sea on a kayaking expedition along the coast of the Santubong Peninsula to reach the small remote beach of Teluk Pasir. Camp the night at the beach, start a fire, listen to the birds and enjoy a refreshing sunrise. The return trip is through jungle trekking in the pristine primary rainforest. We go on a mangrove sunset cruise in the forest of Kuching Wetlands National Park. This is where we keep an eye open for the elusive proboscis monkeys & the estuarine crocodile. Watch the spectacular show of fireflies that light up the mangrove trees like Christmas trees. We now shift to the deep dark caves of Mulu, a UNESCO world heritage site holding many records in terms of cave height, width, and length. Understand how they were formed and explore its beauty. We visit Deer Cave, with the largest cave passage in the world, before watching millions of bats exit to hunt at dusk. We also visit a local village by boat before stopping at Wind Cave, the King’s Chamber, and the peaceful Clearwater Cave and Spring. It is time to start our trek up the steep Mt. Api. The view from the top is spectacular, as are the rock formations standing like knives against the hardy mountain trees. These are the Pinnacles. A tour that introduces you to everything Borneo.

The Best Of Kuching And Kota Kinabalu - Tour
  • Kota Kinabalu Airport
  • 7 Nights 8 Days

The Best Of Kuching And Kota Kinabalu

£ 1

A truly definitive tour this is a collection of the best Kuching and Kota Kinabalu have to offer. Kota Kinabalu is popularly referred to the land below the wind as it is below the 4059 meters high Mt Kinabalu. We head into the mountains to enjoy incredible views of the wild jungles of Borneo. We visit local markets and look at local produce sold by the tribesmen of the area. The trek gives us the chance to see Nepenthes Rajah grow wild before exploring more flora in the Botanical Gardens. The coral island in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park is where we are now headed for some well-deserved relaxation, swimming or snorkeling. We take a boat cruise on the river from the town of Beaufort. This is the time to look out for endemic wildlife & marvel at the glittering array of fireflies as they congregate on the tree canopies. Our exploration of incredible nature continues at Bako National Park – a perfect introduction to the local flora & wildlife. We take a boat journey to see the primary forest full of botanical treasures and home to the probosci's monkey & other wildlife. Understand the conservation efforts at the Semenggoh Nature Reserve. We add a bit of luxury and local tribal culture on the visit to Batang Ai and the idyllic Aiman Batang Ai Resort & Retreat. A visit to a longhouse to interact with the former headhunters of Borneo is followed by a demonstration including sounding their gongs and performing a war dance in full ceremonial regalia.  This tour will be a experience to talk about for years to come.

Adventure Abounds in Malaysia

Though densely populated, Malaysia offers a mighty adventurous landscape. Between peninsular Malaysia and Bornean Malaysia, you have your pick of misty mountains, mesmerising cave systems, pristine beaches and verdant forests. Kinabalu Park is not only famous for its wildlife. It is named after the tallest mountain in Malaysia, Mount Kinabalu, at over 13,000 feet. The largest caves in the world, the Mulu caves are found in East Malaysia and the impressive Sarawak Chamber from this cave system is the largest cave chamber in the world. Whether you have a taste for scaling up mountains for the best view of the countryside or adventure caving underground for a closer look at subterranean worlds, ProVacation has the activity for you. After getting your adrenaline pumping, lie back on a gorgeous beach on one of Malaysia’s many islands, ringed by coral reefs and gentle blue waters. Go snorkelling amid flocks of colourful tropical fish on Redang Island or just relax on a sandy beach in Langkawi. Hike through a rainforest, sail around the islands of the South China Sea and leave your cares behind in the city.

A Feast for All Your Senses

Malaysian cuisine is a stalwart of the region with a complex interplay of flavours and influences from Malayan, Chinese, Indian, ethnic Bornean, Dutch, British, Portuguese traditions to name just the main ones. Due to shared cultural practices and geographical proximity, Malaysian food has much in common with Singaporean and Indonesian cuisines such as versions of satay, laksa, sambal and rendang. Tramp through the food markets and street food stalls of Penang. Savour some Indian Malay food from a ‘Mamak stall’ and the famous white coffee in Ipoh. From the wide range of fresh tropical fruit available here, try a mangosteen with breakfast. Relish the flavours of chilli, coconut, lemongrass in your shrimp and fish curries, served with fragrant white rice. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a variety of desserts made with palm sugar, shaved ice, coconut milk, grains and jaggery. From Michelin-starred chefs in big establishments to hole-in-the-wall eateries, this is one culinary journey you’re never going to forget.

A Cultural Odyssey

Malaysia’s varied demographics and history of being ruled by a number of peoples has resulted in a vibrant amalgamation of cultures. Visit south east Asia’s largest temple, Kek Lok Si, in Penang. See the replica of the palace of the Malacca Sultanate. Intricately carved wood, brightly decorated temples, terraced houses, brick and glass buildings and bamboo walls speak of a Chinese, Tamil, Javanese, Buddhist, Portuguese, Baroque, Malay and Islamic influences in architecture. Traditional textiles such as batik and songket, beaded jewellery, Malay martial arts and dance forms, a tradition of shadow puppet theatre (wayangkulit), the use of musical instruments like the serunai and rebab, and Malaysian literary traditions all reflect this glorious mixture of influences. Malaysia’s museums, art galleries, marketplaces, theatres are overflowing with treasures for the discerning tourist.

Beautiful Borneo

Along with peninsular Malaysia, part of the island of Borneo makes up the modern political borders of Malaysia. Surrounded by the South China Sea and shared among Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, Borneo holds one of the oldest rainforests in the world, estimated to be about 140 million years old. Several of the species endemic to the region originated from ancient Borneo and this island is a gateway to some of Malaysia’s most popular tourist spots including the Kota Kinabalu and Sarawak districts. From spotting the Bornean orangutan to seeing one of the world’s longest underground rivers in the Clearwater Cave, Borneo is a glimpse into the fascinating natural history of the Earth. For lovers of wildlife and adventure, Borneo is a must-visit.

Urban Magic

If you’re not the most comfortable in nature, Malaysia still has you covered. While the glittering city of Kuala Lumpur gets most of the attention from guide books and tourists, it is not the only hub of urban entertainment in Malaysia. Visit quaint Ipoh and ornate George Town with its colonial era architecture, beautiful temples and mouth-watering street food. Explore vibrant Kota Kinabalu and Malacca City’s buzzing night markets. And of course, admire the breath-taking view from the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. These towers are the tallest twin towers in the world. Pay your respects at the Sri Mahamariamman Temple and National Mosque. Visit Kuala Lumpur’s fantastic museums including the ones dedicated to pewter and numismatics. Get a taste of Malaysia’s wildlife in the more comfortable surroundings of the National Zoo and Aquaria KLCC. Shop for local specialties in Central Market and high street and designer goods at Suria KLCC. Wander through Kuala Lumpur’s marvellous China Town and be sure to sample the local delicacies everywhere. As the official tourism slogan implies, Malaysia truly is the heart of Asia.