Experience the Natural Beauty of Myanmar

Our reputed goes far and beyond the borders of this beautiful country for excellent tour packages and exciting trips to Myanmar. Situated in the Indochina peninsula, Myanmar shares borders with India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Laos and China. The Hengduan Mountains in the north, the beautiful valleys, and the Irrawaddy, the Salween and the Sittaung Rivers make Myanmar uniquely beautiful. The country is known for its lush green forests of oak, pine, rhododendron and other trees, and the long stretch of coastline has vast areas of mangrove. Myanmar is home to almost 800 bird species and several other animals like leopards, rhinos and elephants. You will fall in love with Myanmar’s exotic landscapes as you cruise on the rivers, go on treks and cycling tours, and follow nature trails and discover the country’s pristine beauty. 

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Treks to Remember

Trekking excursions are an essential part of Myanmar tourism. Indeed, your trip to Myanmar cannot be complete unless you travel to the several national parks and other protected forests in the mountains, and experience the pristine nature and teeming wildlife of the country. The Hlawga Wildlife Park and the Mount Victoria (Natma Taung) National Park are two of the most famous protected areas in Myanmar. Here you will be able to encounter some spectacular bird and animal species, many of which are endemic. Hike through tranquil pine forests in Myinmahti and interact with the farming communities Taunggyi, Lutpyin, and Ywa-pu villages. The trekking tours in Myanmar will also provide insight into the local and indigenous cultures and history as you travel through villages and towns on your journey through Myanmar’s exotic landscapes.

Adventurers’ Paradise

Myanmar is the ultimate destinations for tourists on the lookout for adventure. Whether you enjoy rigorous trips through mountains and forests or prefer a relaxing cycling tour around the countryside, Myanmar has something to offer to everyone. You may choose one of the exciting trekking tours in Myanmar to acquaint yourself with the rugged terrains and the lush forests of the North, or you may prefer to take a boat ride along the rivers of Myanmar to find out more about the riverside life of the local villagers. Visit the stunning lakes, the parks, the ancient cities and surrounding villages of Myanmar to gain insight into the fascinating life of the Burmese people. Go snorkelling by the beautiful beaches and discover the pristine islands of Myanmar on a luxurious cruise along the coastline.

Skyline of Pagodas

Myanmar is steeped in the principles of Buddhism, and much of the local life revolves around religious customs and spiritual practices. The monasteries are often centres of the cultural life in Burmese villages. You will encounter stunning pagodas and temples on your trip to Myanmar. These are symbolic of the country’s religious faith, as well as relics of Myanmar’s imperial past. Ancient cities like Mon are home to numerous pagodas and other religious monuments. The Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, for example, is an enormous rock on the edge of the cliff and is covered in gold leaf. Kyaikhtisaung Pagoda contains a hair of the Buddha. Yangon is famous for the Shwedagon Pagoda; a 2500-year-old temple covered in gold. The Bagan Valley is home to numerous ancient Bamar and Buddhist temples and shrines. The breath-taking balloon-ride in Bagan promises to be a lifetime experience where you will enjoy an aerial view of the historical city of temples.

Life by the Irrawaddy

The Irrawaddy is the largest river in Myanmar that flows from North to the South. Famously referred to as ‘The Road to Mandalay’ after Rudyard Kipling’s poem, the River Irrawaddy is the lifeline of Myanmar’s economy and culture. On your trip to Myanmar, you will experience the picturesque riverine life of the country as ProVacation takes you on luxurious cruises on the Irrawaddy. As you take a trip along Myanmar’s most important river, you will gain deep insights into the lives of local villagers by the riverside. These villages often specialise in traditional crafts, and you will get frequent opportunities to learn more about their livelihoods. Your journey along the Irrawaddy will take you to ancient historical sites that hold exquisite architectural relics and monuments. You will explore the delicious local cuisine of the riverside Myanmar and immerse yourself in holistic practices like yoga and meditation as you enjoy the scenic riverine view in the morning from your cruise. The vibrant culture, together with the stunning view of the hills, the green skylines, and the picturesque hamlets, will make your trip truly memorable. Book a tour with ProVacation to experience the rich culture, history, and the natural beauty of Myanmar.