There’s nothing quite like the peace and tranquility of an exotic tropical country that is still largely undiscovered on the tourist trail. Immerse yourself in natural beauty and the vibrant colours and tribal life hidden behind Myanmar’s borders. Sail down the picturesque Ayeyarwaddy River and take in its spellbinding beauty complete with stilted houses and tiny villages along its banks. Discover endemic species of flora and fauna in the country’s oldest wildlife sanctuary, explore underground caves filled with hundreds of Buddha images, learn more about local occupations that follow traditional practices that have remained unchanged for years. Pro Vacation encourages you to take a break from your hectic lifestyle by throwing yourself into off-beat travel territory with a Myanmar yoga and hiking tour. Combine relaxation for the mind with some outdoor activity for the body to completely rejuvenate yourself with a memorable visit to this breathtaking country. You will get the chance to interact with the local tribes and understand their way of life, submerge yourself in raw natural beauty and enjoy delicious healthy food, all in 10 days with this Myanmar yoga and hiking tour.

9 Nights 10 Days Available on request Yangon, Yangon Region
What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Air-conditioned transfers and entrance fees as mentioned
  • Local guides fluent in English for tours, treks and hikes
  • Potable water and wet towels
  • Baggage handling, room tax, service charges

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Domestic flights, sedan chair to ascend/descend mountain
  • Visas, travel insurance and personal expenses
  • Throughout guide surcharges (any language)
  • Alcohol and any meals or services not mentioned in the schedule
  • Peak season compulsory gala dinners
What makes this tour special
  • Observe indigenous fishing collaboration with dolphins
  • Spot endangered species in Myanmar’s oldest wildlife sanctuary
  • Hike through fruit plantations in the gorgeous Shan Plateau
  • Visit temples and villages around the picturesque Lake Inle
  • Learn yoga and meditation in rural Myanmar
Day 1: Mandalay - Mingun - Hsithe
  • This tour begins early as we head out over Myanmar’s thick network of rivers. At 7am, you leave Malikha jetty also known as Gawain jetty on board a private boat for Mingun. Along the way, we make a stop to see one of the world’s largest bells constructed by King Badowpaya. The 90 ton colossus was initially built to fit in his Pahtodawgyi brick pagoda and would have been the world’s highest bell. But superstitions caused him to lay the plans to rest.
  • From here, we will sail on to Hsithe which is about seven hours away, enjoying a sumptuous lunch on board. Look out across the bows for spellbinding views of the passing countryside. By late afternoon, the boat docks at Hsithe, where a warm welcome from villagers awaits you at the Visitor Centre. Here, you can look around and shop for local handicrafts. Head to the Pavilion Veranda to catch the sun setting over the Ayeyarwaddy River.
  • Dinner is served on board and your accommodation for the night is also on board.
  • Meals: Lunch and dinner are provided
Day 2: Hsithe - Sheinmaga Tawyagyi - Mandalay
  • After a hot cup of coffee, we set out early to catch the Hsithe fisherme n engaging in their peculiar method of fishing. The trip takes about an hour and we request you to be respectful of their traditional practices and also of the ecology around. Many of the fisherfolk here - men and women - have learnt through the ages to fish in cooperation with the Ayeyarwaddy river dolphins. There is no guarantee you will see dolphins but if you do consider it a lucky sighting. Breakfast is served on board after the fishing trip.
  • We take a trip to the Hsithe village to interact with the fishermen on land, where they explain how the process works and also teach you how to cast nets. Lunch is served as we head on to the next stop two hours away.
  • This is the Sheinmaya Tawyagyi village perched halfway between Mingun and Kyauk Myaung along the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy River. We head first to Myanmar’s oldest wildlife sanctuary founded in 1852 by King Mingdon. Stretching across 334 acres, it is home to local species of flora and fauna including Eld’s deer, yellow-headed tortoises and other endangered animals. Remember to carry binoculars on this trip ashore for some birdwatching. You can spot endemic species including hooded treepies and white-throated babblers.
  • Our guide will also take you to see a local school and to a pretty monastery built in the 19th century, before leading you around the Sheinmaga Tawyagyi village.
  • We head back to Mandalay and transfer you to a hotel. Your accommodation for the night is at a superior room at Shwe Inn Gyinn Hotel or a similar property in the city.
  • Meals: Breakfast and lunch are provided
Day 3: Mandalay - Heho - Pindaya
  • We transfer you to Mandalay airport for a domestic flight to Heho. From here, we proceed immediately to Pindaya in a private vehicle. The nearly two-hour journey meanders through hills and offers pretty views of mountain rice fields and the Shan plateau. We stop for a delicious lunch at Green Tea Restaurant.
  • Our first stop is the Pindaya Caves, perched on a limestone ridge from where you can see a picture-perfect lake. Explore the caves to discover thousands of Buddha images of different types and understand more about the local religious beliefs.
  • From here, our Myanmar hiking tour takes you on a short trek through the hills to a Danu village. This tribe boasts fruitful plantations of cheroot, tea, damsons and mangoes all along the hillsides. A walk around the village will lead you to the Plan Bee beekeeping centre where the intricate workings of this industry come to life. More than 1500 tons of niger honey and 100 tons of mustard honey are produced in the Shan plateau annually. Taste all the different types before participating in fun workshops and activities aimed at both adults and children.
  • The Shan area is also famous for green tea so don’t miss out on this. Our guide will show you the way to one of the many plantations in the area and you can enjoy its warming flavours with local snacks. Don’t miss out on the local workshop that makes Shan paper and parasols.
  • Your accommodation for the night is a Bamboo Hut at Inle Inn Pindaya or a similar property in the vicinity.
  • Meals: Lunch is provided
Day 4: Pindaya - Lake Inle
  • We first switch hotels, making the scenic drive into the Nyaung Shwe valley to Lake Inle before hopping onto a private boat to your accommodation for this leg of your Myanmar yoga and hiking tour.
  • Soak in the picturesque beauty of the surroundings including the stilt houses of the Intha tribes near the shallow end of the lake, the locals tending to their floating vegetable farms and on board fishing canoes. The majestic Shan hills rise in the distance.
  • To get around the lake, we will make use of motorised boats, but you will notice the Intha tribe have a peculiar way of transporting themselves in flat-bottom boats propelling themselves forward using their leg. Enjoy a delicious lunch at Golden Kite in Nampan village.
  • Later, our guide will take you to see the region’s holiest site. Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda is famous also for its five Buddha figures covered entirely in gold leaf. Boat construction, silk weaving, cheroot making and metallurgy are traditional occupations in the area, so we will introduce you to some of these in Nampan and Inpawkhon villages.
  • The day ends with a boat ride to an ancient monastery on the lake which is home to beautiful Buddha statues dating back 200 years. As you return to your hotel, the sun will paint stunning palettes across the sky as it sets beyond the lake.
  • Your accommodation for the night in a Deluxe Room at Nyaung Shwe City Hotel at Lake Inle or a similar property in the vicinity.
  • Meals: Breakfast and lunch are provided
Day 5: Lake Inle - Sagar - Lake Inle
  • Today, we dive a bit deeper into the lives of the locals, travelling three hours to Sagar and Thakong at the southern end of the lake. Connect with heritage with a visit (if it coincides with the schedule) to the five-day rotating market where ethnic Pa O, Danu and Intha people conduct their trade.
  • From here, we move to Kyauk Taing and Kyain Khan to learn more about the Shan way of making earthenware pottery and understand how one family weaves robes for monks from the stems of the lotus plant. Raise your spirits further with a trip to Thakong where rice bran is fermented to produce alcohol.
  • Throughout the day, you will understand more and more about the local way of life lived by the Pa-O and Intha people from this region. Escape the pressures of city life with the pleasant temperature, picturesque landscape and swathes of greenery. Enjoy lunch at the Little Lodge of Samkar.
  • You will return to your hotel in the late afternoon and have the rest of the day at your leisure.
  • Your accommodation for the night in a Deluxe Room at Nyaung Shwe City Hotel at Lake Inle or a similar property in the vicinity.
  • Meals: Breakfast and lunch are provided
  • Note: Please carry sunscreen and a hat for this part of the tour as you will be outdoors for quite a while
Day 6: Heho-Kalaw
  • You are transferred through Heho for the next leg of your Myanmar yoga and hiking tour in Kalaw, about an hour away from Heho airport. This erstwhile hill station loved by the British for its pleasant weather offers space, tranquillity and peace ideal for your Myanmar yoga retreat. You will be welcomed with a drink at your hotel before getting some well-deserved rest.
  • Your accommodation for the night is at Kalaw Hill Lodge.
  • Meals: Lunch and dinner are provided
Day 7: Kalaw
  • Spend the day at leisure, soaking in the peace and quiet that surrounds you. Enjoy a  delicious vegetarian lunch and take some time off and enjoy peaceful moments around the property or lounge in your room.
  • A 90-minute full body massage awaits you to get you into a restful state of mind. Your first yoga class starts at around 1700 hours where you will learn how to utilise this ancient science to bring a peaceful calm to your mind.
  • Yoga and meditation go hand-in-hand to bring balance and health to both mind and body. Our trained experts will teach you more about meditation, how to free your mind of thoughts and encourage your mind and body to rejuvenate. A health vegetarian dinner follows.
  • Your accommodation for the night is at Kalaw Hill Lodge, Kalaw.
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided
Day 8: Hinterland Exploration
  • This part of the Myanmar yoga and hiking tour immerses you in yourself, seeking to return balance to your being. In this light, you will start the day early with a meditation session to help clear your mind. This will be followed by a yoga class led by a trained expert. After a late breakfast, we head off to learn more about the community in the surrounding area.
  • It starts with the vegetable garden at the lodge which grows a variety of local produce using traditional farming methods. Nearby the community has built shrines to local guardian spirits and here you will get the chance to understand more about the prevailing religious beliefs.
  • As we walk around the villages, observe the vast traditional farms where man and buffalo work together to grow produce in the rich soil. You can also help the community by planting pine trees or even take the opportunity to feed the farm animals and milk cows. Don’t miss out on a local ox cart ride. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience!
  • Back at the lodge, a scrumptious vegetarian spread awaits you for lunch. In the evening, you will attend another yoga class before engaging in meditation to relax yourself from the day. This is followed by a healthy dinner.
  • Your accommodation for the night is at Kalaw Hill Lodge, Kalaw.
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided
Day 9: Community Hiking (Half Day)                                 
  • Today too you will attend a meditation and yoga session before a hearty breakfast. Then, we head out into the villages for a half-day community trail hike. You will find yourself immersed in the local way of life as Pro Vacation takes you through the little seen side of Myanmar.
  • We start off with the spiritual at a local Buddhist monastery where the head monk is happy to answer any questions you might have about the faith or the life and teachings of Lord Buddha. From here, we head to a local library and begin the soft hiking tour towards Namthe, a small village inhabited by the Danu tribe.
  • Take a walk around the village and observe their customs, and daily living styles. One of the local houses serves rice and plum wines so do have a taste of these unique spirits. For lunch, we hike to a Nepalese village nearby.
  • We hike back to the lodge where the trained experts await you for your yoga and meditation session before a healthy vegetarian dinner.
  • Your accommodation for the night is at Kalaw Hill Lodge, Kalaw.
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided
Day 10: Heho                       
  • You are expected to check-out by noon (1200 hours) so we can transfer you to Heho airport for your flight.

Points to note

  • December 15 - January 15, and April 13-17 is peak season. There may be additional charges during Christmas, New Year and the Water Festival
  • You will be notified of compulsory gala dinner charges when booking
  • Hotel prices can be adjusted for higher or lower categories on request. Featured hotels are subject to availability during booking, and you will be notified of any deposits when booking
  • Domestic airfares quoted based on averages and are subject to change. The most convenient flight is booked and final price confirmed once tickets are issued based on class of seat and availability
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