The Heart of Ceylon Welcomes You

Off the southern tip of India, surrounded by the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean and ringed by coral reefs is the island nation of Sri Lanka. It offers stunning diversity in landscape, flora and fauna and has a rich, complex history going back millennia. Although often overlooked for its larger neighbours, Sri Lanka packs a punch in the world of travel and tourism.  A cradle of Buddhism, home to the majestic Asian elephant, a long coastline dotted with pristine beaches, misty hills redolent with the scent of tea plantations, ruins of ancient cities that have witnessed the rise and fall of several kingdoms, modern-day hubs of culture and commerce—Sri Lanka has it all. Whether you fancy roughing it in nature for a few days or relaxing in the lap of luxury, whether you’re a solo traveller looking for adventure or a honeymooning couple, ProVacation has the Sri Lanka tour for you.

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Enlightenment Beckons

The Mistress of Spices

Sri Lanka’s history of colonisation by the Portuguese, Dutch and British is closely entwined with its abundance of spices. Cinnamon, cardamom, clove, nutmeg, coconut, cashew, tea, etc were all valuable commodities in the old world. As a result, Sri Lanka’s culinary culture exhibits a fusion of European continental influences on its own distinctive styles. You’ll feed all your senses on this gastronomic journey with the tingle of curry on your tongue, the crackle of roasting spices in your ears, the fragrance of fine tea in your nose, the vibrant colours on your plate and the delightful variety of textures in your food. From the fried crab to delicately spiced vegetables, from the local curries to the colonial-influenced sumptuous high teas, Sri Lankan cuisine is rich with the freshest of ingredients and is truly food for the soul.

Astonishing Diversity in Landscape

If conventional, staid holidays are not your cuppa, ProVacation has the perfect adventure for you. Sri Lanka’s marvellous diversity in landscape allows for more possibilities than you can imagine. Soak in the sun along white sand beaches, bathe in the clear blue sea water, go snorkelling, jet-skiing or windsurfing. Sail on the Mahaweli River and go white water rafting and river canyoning across the Kelaniya Ganga. Hike the hill country, trudge through leafy forest trails, lose yourself amid verdant tea plantations and go trekking in the Knuckles Range. Take a safari through any of Sri Lanka’s many national parks and Important Bird Areas. If you’re lucky and quiet enough, you may be able to snag a few pictures of the Asian elephant and the Sri Lankan leopard. And if you’re a morning person, there’s no better time to spot some of Sri Lanka’s endemic birds like the Sri Lanka blue magpie and the crimson-fronted barbet.

A Taste of Village Life

Would you like to go fishing in the morning and eat the fish you caught, cooked over a barbecue, in the evening? Perhaps you’d like to try your hand at the potter’s wheel? Experience Sri Lanka’s famed hospitality away from luxury hotels and resorts, and in Sri Lankan homestays and farms. Support local women’s small businesses by buying textile, incense, jewellery, etc directly at the source and attend a crafting lesson yourself, at the workshop. From shelling tamarind to churning butter, from baking the day’s bread to weeding and pruning in the garden, get a deeper understanding of life in Sri Lanka’s villages and the labour that goes into providing the big-city tourist experiences. Immersing yourself in local life is not for everyone but can prove to be an immensely rewarding experience.

Take a Deep Dive into the History, Nature and Culture of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a study in contrasts and resilience. The modern-day Sinhalese peoples trace their heritage back to ancient kingdoms well before the beginning of the Common Era. The ruins of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa bear testimony to this. Emissaries from the Indian subcontinent signalled the advent of Buddhism, a tradition which has continued to this day. The long colonial period with Portuguese, Dutch and British rule followed by independence, a decades-long civil war, particularly in the northern part of the country, and the devastating tsunami of 2004 have all left their mark. Sri Lanka has emerged battered and bruised but undefeated. From the ravaged and newly-rebuilding north to the polished cosmopolitan tourist spots of the south, from the laid-back coastal villages to the electric cities, Sri Lanka’s very air is thick with adventure and history. You’ll never want to leave Ceylon!