Welcome to Phuket! A pulsating hub of vibrant nightlife, stunning beaches and a variety of adventure sports, Phuket is one of the most popular cities in Thailand and draws thousands of tourists every year. On this tour, we take you to the heart of the action with visits to all the popular attractions like Coral Island and Phang Nga Bay. At the same time, we will give you a glimpse into the hidden gems of Phuket that lie unexplored behind its verdant rainforests and limestone hongs. Stay in a floating bungalow on the beautiful Cheow Lan Lake surrounded by the tropical canopy of Khao Sok National Park. How about a twilight discovery of Phang Nga Bay’s hidden sea caves lit up by natural light sources at sunset? Fancy giving a mud bath to an elephant at a special retreat for jumbos? Or a cycling trip around the back lanes of the island, exploring quaint villages along the way? Our 7-day tour of Phuket is a mix of luxury retreat and hardy outdoor excursion to give you a holistic experience of what the island has to offer. So indulge in some exotic retail therapy or try parasailing in the turquoise waters of the sea. Whatever your preference, Phuket has it all. So pack your bags and get ready for a trip of a lifetime.  

6 Nights 7 Days Available on request Phuket Airport
What makes this tour special
  • Cycling tour to explore rural Phuket
  • Visit to secluded beaches in Koh Yao
  • Swimming, snorkelling in Coral Island
  • Phang Nga Hong discovery by starlight
  • Visit and overnight stay at floating bungalow on Cheow Lan Lake
  • Khao Sok Elephant experience
Day 1 (Cycling day tour of Phuket)
  • Our tour begins with a cycling trip along the coast of the island, exploring local villages, rubber plantations and coconut groves, and getting an authentic taste of rural Thai life. After your arrival in Phuket, our car picks you up from the airport and brings you to your hotel. Enjoy a welcome drink on arrival and check in to your rooms. Then it’s a quick freshen up and change of clothes before heading out for the day’s tour.
  • We recommend comfortable sports shoes and shorts or long pants with light tops for the trip. Since we’ll be out in the sun, remember to carry sunscreen as well.
  • We will drive out to Tala Beach along the north-eastern coastline of Phuket to collect our rides. These are top of the line mountain bikes fitted with front suspension and 24- 27 Shimano gears. After a short brief about the route and safety instructions, we begin cycling along the coast.
  • We will cover a 20- 22 kilometre stretch that takes us through local villages and picturesque valleys full of wild flowers. Stop for a chat with the friendly villagers who can point out some of the local attractions on the way. Cross pretty coconut groves and winding dirt roads before stopping at the Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre, a great project dedicated to the rescue and upkeep of wounded gibbons.
  • Continue riding to Ao Por Viewpoint for spectacular views of the island and Phang Nga Bay in the distance and then stop at a local restaurant for a late lunch.
  • After this, return to our starting point at Tala Beach and transfer to the hotel.
  • The rest of the day can be spent at leisure. You can enjoy the various amenities at the hotel or explore the town.
Day 2 (Cycling day trip in Yao Island)
  • Our bicycle chronicles continue today in the spectacular setting of Phang Nga Bay. We get an early start and drive to the pier. Here, we collect our bikes and after the customary safety instructions and brief we start cycling across a 6 kilometre stretch along the north eastern coastline from Thala beach to Bang Rong pier. This is where we load our bikes on a ferry and sail to Koh Yao Noi island. Located just an hour’s boat ride away from Phuket, Koh Yao is an interesting contrast to the vibrant nightlife and hustle- bustle of its neighbour. It is a quiet place with no big hotels or swanky restaurants and only a few scattered bungalows overlooking the sea.
  • We continue cycling in the north western part of Koh Yao, exploring its secluded beaches and quaint fishing villages. Here we will also cycle over a small hill that poses a bit of a challenge but it’s worth the effort as the views from the top are simply breathtaking.
  • After this we will stop for lunch at a local restaurant and then enjoy a well deserved break to swim and relax on the beach.
  • In the late afternoon, we will cycle back to the pier and then take the ferry back to Phuket. It’s a short drive back to your hotel where you can spend the evening treating yourself to a Thai massage and then sampling some of the city’s delectable street food.
Day 3 (Day trip to Coral Island- swimming and snorkelling)
  • Today is a full day’s trip to the glorious beaches of Coral Island- a reward for your exertions of the first two days. We begin with a leisurely breakfast at the hotel that sets the tone for the rest of the day.
  • Next, we drive to Ao Chalong pier and then take a boat ride to Coral Island located 9 kilometres off the south eastern coast of Phuket. Coral Island, officially known as Koh Hae gets its name from the stunning coral reefs that dominate its coastline. There are two main beaches located on the east and west of the island and are popular with tourists because of the many water sports that can be enjoyed here.
  • Try snorkelling, paragliding or jet skiing for an additional cost. Or just swim in the beautiful turquoise waters of the sea and relax on its white-sand beaches. This is the best of beach life in an idyllic setting that is hard to come by anywhere else. Needless to say, this is a great place for photos so remember to carry your cameras and click away. Watching the sunset from the beach is another magical experience that’s hard to describe.
  • After the full day’s trip soaking in the sun, sand and sea we head back to Phuket.
  • You can relax at the hotel this evening and enjoy a delicious spread of exotic Thai delicacies for dinner before retiring for the night.
Day 4 (Day trip to Phang Nga Hong Starlight canoe)
  • Today we leave for a unique exploration of Phang Nga Bay by boat. We leave the hotel around noon and drive to the pier for an hour’s boat ride to the bay.
  • En route, have a light lunch on board as our guide tells you about the ecological significance of the sea caves or hongs and gives you a short brief about safety guidelines.
  • We reach the bay in the afternoon which is almost deserted at this time of the day and spend the next couple of hours exploring several hongs and understanding how these peculiar sites were formed and seeing the varied bio-life that exists inside them.
  • Before sunset we usually get to explore at least four hongs and enjoy some time swimming in the cool waters of the bay. Sunset is an extraordinary experience and we paddle to a special viewing spot to see the great ball of fire dissolve into the distant waters of the sea. As daylight fades, we make our way to a special hong that we explored earlier in the day and once darkness sets in, it’s time for our hong by starlight adventure. Three natural light sources illuminate this hong creating a stunning visual experience. No torches are allowed inside the hong and travellers are left speechless taking in the fascinating sights.
  • The evening draws to a close with a delectable buffet spread of Thai seafood followed by dessert on the deck while our guide points out the constellations in the night sky and regales you with the legends behind each star.
  • After this, it’s back to our hotel in Phuket, where you can retire to your rooms, still mesmerised with the wonders of the trip.
Day 5 (Cheow Lan Lake)
  • Today we embark on the second leg of our tour that takes us to the beautiful Cheow Lan Lake. Leave your luggage at the office of our local partners at Ban Ta Khun, carrying only an overnight bag for the next couple of days.
  • From here we drive to Rajjaprabha Dam and then sail by long tail boat to Thai-style floating bungalows on Cheow Lan Lake. Check into your very own home on the water and then set out to explore the surrounding inlets and on a kayak.
  • The raft houses are set in a beautiful setting surrounded by lush green forest and you can take in the fantastic views as you relax or sunbathe on deck.
  • Enjoy a traditional Thai lunch in the afternoon featuring an assortment of curries and exotic fruit before setting off for a 3-hour trek through Khao Sok National Park.
  • Find out how to find drinking water in bamboo, spot wildlife hiding behind the thick canopy of the forest and find edible plant life as you trek through the park. 
  • We return to our bungalows in the early evening where you can spend some time swimming and relaxing by the waterfront.
  • In the evening, enjoy a traditional Thai dinner before retiring to your rooms for the night.
Day 6 (Cheow Lan Lake wildlife safari)
  • Today we rise early for a morning safari on Cheow Lan Lake to spot a variety of wildlife in the adjoining forest. Look out for Macaques, Wild Boars, Gibbons, Hornbills, Langaurs and Wild Elephants from your long tailed boats. It’s a good idea to carry binoculars for better sighting of animals.
  • We return to the raft for a typical Thai breakfast of a delicious rice porridge called Khao Tom, eggs and pancakes and you can take the next couple of hours to enjoy swimming, kayaking or exploring the lake on your own.
  • The food fest continues with a delectable spread at lunch and you can enjoy a hearty meal before leaving the raft house for the pier.
  • Our itinerary for the afternoon includes a kayak trip on the Sok River. This is a one and a half hour long guided tour to spot more exotic wildlife including monitor lizards, monkeys, kingfishers and hornbills. Through the gaps in the foliage you can catch glimpses of Khao Sok’s picturesque topography that stretches for miles behind the canopy and remains mostly hidden by the trees.
  • We transfer to Khao Sok Riverside Cottage before sunset. The evening is spent relaxing at the retreat and taking in serene beauty of the surroundings.
  • Your farewell dinner is another carefully prepared menu of Thai delicacies. Spend some time soaking in the tranquillity of this riverside setting before retiring to your rooms for the night.
Day 7 (Khao Sok Elephant Experience)
  • On the final day of the tour, we visit a very special retreat for rescued elephants in Khao Sok. The retreat is run by a family that rescued a jumbo called Somboon from the back-crushing labour of a trekking camp and now provide shelter and care for him.
  • You can bathe Somboon in a mud spa and scrub him down with a special elephant loofah made from coconut fibres. The idea is to create awareness about the plight of these big animals and to discourage tourists from partaking of any activities that exploit them including elephant rides.
  • Your contribution will aid in the rescue and upkeep of more elephants. Your tour ends with planting sugarcane that Somboon can feed on in future.
  • We return to your lodge in the afternoon to collect your luggage and then make our way back to Phuket.
  • Take a long look at the unspoilt beauty of the lake and its environs before we set off. Our tour ends with a drop off at Phuket airport from where you can continue your onward journey. 
Pickup point
Phuket Airport, Mai Khao, Thalang District, Phuket, Thailand View on Map